Dear sister,

Have you ever read my teachings and thought to yourself, where is the captivated and where is the grace? Have you ever felt more admonished and convicted than apeaced? I know, my voice doesn’t really match the name of my website. And so, in a brainstorming session, the word Reformadas came about.

The word Reformadas is Spanish for “reformed women” or ”reformed female” and it encompasses the theology what I believe The Bible teaches but with enough flexibility to encompass many denominations that follow the same theology in different ways.

The word Reformed started from the Protestant Revolution which was a Biblical response started by Martin Luther against the Biblical perversions of the Roman Catholic Church. Luther and other Reformed figures went to Scripture and penned the Five Solas which are the foundational beliefs of Reformed Theology. The Five Solas are: 1.- The Scripture Alone is the standard (Sola Scripture); 2.- For the glory of God alone (Soli Deo Gloria); 3.- By Christ’s work alone we are saved (Solo Christo); 4.- Salvation by grace alone (Sola Gratia); 5.- Justification by faith alone (Sola Fide). These 5 points are all found faithfully in The Bible and were what drove the Protestant Reformed movement.

The voice of Luther and all other people in the movement was one of conviction and confrontation, that of theological rebuke and combat. He usually wrote in a serious manner rebuking, exhorting and warning. It was a call to repentance, a call to obedience. An undiluted, resolute call for people to go back to Scripture and worship the True God in the manner that The True God had commanded through His Word. It was a call to fight against the status quo and recapture and reclaim the joy and abundant life for God’s glory alone!

Enthralled by grace and Cautivada en Su gracia have been an incredible gift but if I’m honest, they don’t fully portray my calling and my voice. Reformadas does.

Reformadas a community of women who seek to love God with all their heart, soul and mind as they treasure Christ in His Word in order to love their neighbor and fulfill the Great Commission. Reformadas, a voice of unwavering Biblical truth that challenges the status quo of the world and of comfortable Christianity. An exhortation. A rebuke. A call to obedience and a call to repentance. Undiluted. Provoking. Stark. Because it is time to talk the talk and walk the walk and reclaim the joy and the abundant life that we have in Christ for the sake of the nations and for His glory alone.

Same voice. Same Truth. Same fight. New name.
Bienvenida a! Welcome to!

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