Trust is the most crucial and delicate currency in the world.  In fact, the economic success of a nation or business depends largely on this vital ingredient.  Trust is also the basis of every good relationship. And we can see the search for confidence in something as simple as when we inquire into the recommendations of Google or Yelp when purchasing a service or a product.  We find the answers to our basic questions: Is it true that the seller’s product is what it claims to be? Does this doctor really know what he is talking about, can I trust that person to take care of my child? Trust is, in short, what makes the world go round.  When this important element is lost, relationships, success and viability suffer, in the same way that the parties involved are negatively affected.

Now, what would happen if I told you that trust, or lack thereof, is also at the center of your anxiety and fear?  What if I told you that the sin that so easily entangles us is mainly due to lack of trust in God? Maybe I don’t trust that God has the best plan for my life, especially when it involves suffering.  Or maybe I don’t feel sure that He can take care of my children and, therefore, my whole life is focused on them. I just don’t believe in what God does because he “took away” something or someone dear, close to my heart, and I still don’t understand the reason.  Maybe I don’t trust that God has me where I am supposed to be and that he has given me exactly what I need to be effective in His kingdom, so I harbor a discontented heart. I probably cannot trust or accept that my joy is closely related to my struggle for the glory of God and, consequently, I live a life of slavery to sin and not a life of freedom in Christ.  Sister, if this is your fight, Genesis 12-50 is for you.

The book of Genesis, from chapters 12 to 50 in particular, shows us people who had the option of trusting God when they saw themselves in impossible situations.  Like you and me, they faced situations that challenged their faith over and over again. We will see how they succeed and how they fail. We will discover that the Word of God is immovable because he who promises is trustworthy and faithful.  We will remember that trusting God even when everything goes against us will lead us to an abundant life, of deep joy, peace and freedom.

Chapter 12 of Genesis presents the story of who would become God’s chosen people, Israel.  Born in Ur, Abram was called to leave everything he had to follow God. God made a covenant with him.

A pact is a contract or an agreement, and there are generally two types of covenants: bilateral and unilateral.  In a bilateral agreement, both parties promise to do something, if one of the parties does not fulfill its promise, the agreement is without effect.  On the other hand, in the unilateral pact only one party promises to do something. The Abrahamic covenant is unilateral. When you read Genesis 15, you will find that God made Abraham fall asleep, there were animals cut in half and God, like a torch that descended, passed through them.  That was basically God signing His covenant. Abraham got the promises without him doing or promising anything, it was purely the mercy and love of God.

Through the Bible we will find many portraits of Christ.  In this case that unilateral covenant reminds us of His Salvation.  You do nothing and God does everything. God acts and promises and does because you and I, dear sister, can’t.  In everything, remember, be super attentive and ask yourself, how does this passage point me to Christ?

This Abrahamic covenant promised three things: land (the land promised to his people that is a mirror of the kingdom that will come in the future), descendants (what it meant to Abraham and Sarah to have Isaac at an age when they shouldn’t have had children, and the line from which Jesus would be born), and, finally, redemption (all families on earth will be blessed through Him, or, rather, salvation for all through Jesus).

Throughout Genesis 12-50, you can see what happened when these characters decided to take over the promises that God had given them because He “took too long,” or because they did not trust that God was working even in waiting, as it was.  the case of Sara and Hagar or when Abraham lies in Egypt twice or when Rebekah advises Jacob to obtain the blessing at all costs or when Jacob and Esau fought. But not only that, you will also see that, despite these sins of disbelief and his lack of trust, God reaffirmed his covenant with them and fulfilled it in perfect time.  Sister God was faithful to them and He will be faithful to you too.

Just as Genesis 1-11, Genesis 12-50 continues to show us the constant battle we face.  The story of the characters in this book is a reflection of our daily struggle with sin.  God continues to draw his unilateral plan of redemption through Christ (chapter 3 and 12), because without Him, none of our actions to approach God will ever be good enough.  Therefore, once again, the loving and merciful nature of God stands out when He forgives again and again. We also clearly see His powerful sovereignty when he uses all aspects of our life, obedience and disobedience, to fulfill His plans.

Sister, we have a God whom we can trust.  Understanding that God does not lie and is trustworthy, must lead us to live a life trusting everything to Christ;  radically obeying and spreading His joy and His hope wherever we are.


1.- What are you going through your life where you are tempted not to trust God?

2.- What situation in Genesis clearly reminds you that God is trustworthy and He is faithful?

3.- Are you living a full Christian life or are you learning, living and leading others to this ultimate adventure with Christ?


4.- Who will you share what you have learned in Genesis?

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